Cooking Mama, Burgermon & EbiBurgermon (yocookinmama) wrote,
Cooking Mama, Burgermon & EbiBurgermon

Meal 001 [audio]

Mama... you left the D-Comm on again.

If she's going to be absent minded, EbiBurgermon, let her. Anyways she's going to show me how to make a better tempura!

Yggdrasil, you're such a kiss ass Burgermon.

WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?! [sounds of a scuffle, in someone's kitchen before... ho-shi--is that a stern motherly voice? yes it is.]

If both of you continue this then neither of you will get to cook, Mama will make sure of that.

[the scuffle seems to stop, and there are muttered apologies]

[the female voice, now closer to the D-Comm] Good, and hello digital world! I'm quite sorry you had to hear that. I'm Mama, and the two you just heard are my digimon friends. Burgermon and EbiBurgermon, and it's our pleasure to finally talk to all you others out there.
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