Cooking Mama, Burgermon & EbiBurgermon (yocookinmama) wrote,
Cooking Mama, Burgermon & EbiBurgermon

Meal 001 [audio]

Mama... you left the D-Comm on again.

If she's going to be absent minded, EbiBurgermon, let her. Anyways she's going to show me how to make a better tempura!

Yggdrasil, you're such a kiss ass Burgermon.

WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?! [sounds of a scuffle, in someone's kitchen before... ho-shi--is that a stern motherly voice? yes it is.]

If both of you continue this then neither of you will get to cook, Mama will make sure of that.

[the scuffle seems to stop, and there are muttered apologies]

[the female voice, now closer to the D-Comm] Good, and hello digital world! I'm quite sorry you had to hear that. I'm Mama, and the two you just heard are my digimon friends. Burgermon and EbiBurgermon, and it's our pleasure to finally talk to all you others out there.
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Well, it's nice to meet you!

... Did you say Burgermon? ... Does that mean what I think it does? I mean, I've seen the Burgermon King, but I thought that was just a franchise...
That's me, yes.

And your name?

... Yes, that's the name of my one partner. And most of the digimon in this village too.

How embarassing... Um... I'm Ashton Anchors. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude...


What village is that?

Ashton, you're salivating...

Excuse me, I need to pummel my partner.
Hello, Mister Anchors~!


Oh! It's Burgemon Village, everyone here is very nice. They're all good cooks here, even though they tend towards cooking burgers... At least I'm able to trade recipes for a place to stay here. And a very nice kitchen to work in as well.

I feel as though I've died and gone to heaven.


Have you been in the digital world long?

Oh... About a week or maybe less? I haven't kept track, Mister Anchors.
Sorry, sorry... I've just been blowing most of my pay on hamburgers every day. I can't get enough of them! And they trade in recipes...? Maybe I can manage some sort of agreement with them!

Way to keep your eyes on the prize, Ashton.

... And way to put things in perspective, Dracomon.

I hope that your experience here thus far has been pleasant. This world sure has its ups and downs.
Everyone here does like to cook, it's like being back at home.

That and Mama's good at it! Almost as good as the Burgemon who went to Tetha!

Kiss ass.

[sigh] It's been very pleasant, when those two stop fighting, Mister Anchors.
Oh, I know alllllllllllll about partners that like to fight... Your partners are just making me more and more hungry, I hope you know.

Any chance that I could get the lightpost data for that place? I'd be happy to give you Tetha's data!


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

...I'm not the only person with two partners anymore.

I have no idea how to react to that.
You have two digimon as well?

Do they... always fight?
No, though not for lack of Terriermon trying. Lopmon's just learned to ignore him by this point.
Hm, perhaps I should tell EbiBurgermon to do just that instead of getting angry. Thank you, Mister...?
You never were.

(OOC: Strikes are unhackable. Hello, mysterious blank message!)
What you talkin' bout Willis Ryo?
Nothing, Mack.
You never were... least not back on my world!
Mama? Meow...

...Mama-san, you've just confused our cat.
Your... cat?

[confused Mama is slightly confused]
Oh, wow! Another person who can cook! My name's Sasami! It's nice to meet you!
Hello there, Miss Sasami. And oh dear, not many people here can cook? This sounds like something Mama can fix!
We can fix that together!
...Someone else is finally here who has an interest in the cullinary arts?

Oh how wonderful!
That I am! My friends call me Cooking Mama sometimes~!

It's wonderful to meet you as well, Miss?