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Meal 006 [audio... it should be assumed all her posts are audio rly]


Mama doesn't want to worry anyone but... There's a large egg on my counter and I don't know how it got there, and Ebi and Burger both refuse to tell me how it got there...

Ah, Mister Bowser did you lay it?
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*ahem* Sorry, Mama, but no, that is not mine.


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago


Well, you see.

When two Digimon have nothing better to do...

Oh dear, so it's from two digimon? I will have to scrub the counter as well [sigh]


That's nasty, lady. D:
You are the one who brought it up, dear.

And would you rather have me not clean the counter and prepare food on it?
Hey, I was only answering you.

Dear, can you tell Mama where you are right now?


Not Mordred Castle.

Definitely not.
I checked with Urchin Mama, and no, the little rascal hasn't been up to any tomfoolery.
Hm, then who has? I would like to now before it... I guess they hatch? Digimon are quite odd. I would like to know who's egg it is before it hatches.
Unfortunately we have so many digimon in our employ, it's hard to so mama.

However I'll look into it a little more; see what comes up. Just because it's so unsanitary. It's my kitchen too as well, or rather ours.
Well, it can be narrowed down to those who go into the kitchens if that helps.

Yes, and thank you Joe.
It's not mine but if you need a babysitter I love kids! It's so romantic! A torrid little affair in the kitchen, two lovers so afraid they'll get caught, so delighted in the danger! *Giggle*
Oh I do not mind taking care of it, but I do still wish to know who the parents are. And... love affairs do not belong in my kitchen.
B...but Mama isn't that where you spread most of your love? Into each and every meal and into the hearts of all who eat them? Surely once or twice in the past your burning passion boiled over hotter then the pots on your stove for Papa!

...Palmon where are you getting this stuff?

I've been reading alot!

Mister James? I suggest you take the d-comm away from your partner.
Done and done Mama...terribly sorry for the trouble...I promise if there's anything I can do to Avoid missing dessert Apologize please let me know.
Thank you, Mister James. And no, although if Joe requires any help in finding out whose egg this is will you help him?
Naturally Mama, Team Rocket lives to serve our friends!

Boss I still don't understand...

Not everyone appreciates romance like you do...